Atlanta Wins Game 3 Of World Series 0-2 Against Houston

By Tiffany Williams –

Friday night was game three of the World Series and the Atlanta Braves not only hosted the Houston Astros at Truist Park but they shut the Astros down with a 0-2 win. 

Ian Anderson, the 23-year-old kid from Niskayuna, New York started for Atlanta Friday night and he went 5 innings, allowed no runs, no hits and struck out 4.

Minter, Jackson, Matzek and Smith each went one inning for Atlanta allowing no hits. Matzek and Smith did each allow one hit. Minter struck out 2 while Matzek struck out 1. 

In the bottom of the 3rd, Riley hit a double off an 83mph cutter and that drove in Rosario to get Atlanta in the game and make it a 0-1 game. In the bottom of the 8th, d’Arnaud hit a homer off a 97mph sinker to make it a 0-2 Atlanta game. 

Atlanta now leads the series 2-1 and will host Houston again Saturday night at Truist Park.

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