Huskies Sack The Bulldogs 15-21

By Tiffany Williams –

Saturday there was some great football played in New England but our game of the week was in East Hartford, Connecticut.

The Connecticut Huskies sacked the Yale Bulldogs with a 15-21 win and the Huskies are now 1-7.

The first quarter was scoreless on both sides of the ball. In the second quarter, the Huskies with 5:22 on the clock got on the board after Marion made a 63 yard running TD and the kickafter was good to make it a 0-7 Huskies game.

Also in the second, with just twenty seconds on the clock Clercius made a 14 yard TD the kickafter was good and the second quarter ended with the Huskies leading 0-14.

In the third quarter with just 11:15 on the clock, Krajewski made a TD, the kickafter was good and it was a Huskies 0-21 lead.

The Bulldogs got on the boad after Bosman made a 45 yard field goal to make it a 3-21 Huskies lead.

With just 48 seconds remainiing in the third quarter, the Bulldogs’ Dudek got a TD to make it a 9-21 Huskies lead.

In the fourth quarter, with just 4:30 on the clock Nenad got a TD for the Bulldogs to make it a 15-21 Huskies game.

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